Co-Creative Design - Environments in balance & harmony with Nature
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I am pleased to have you visit the website for Co-Creative Design! The purpose, desire and passion of Co-Creative Design is to support you in experiencing the greatest possible connection and harmony in your environment, while honoring the inherent balance in Nature. When this balance is fostered within your home, office, and the land upon on which you live, your wise stewardship becomes of great benefit to Mother Earth. With this balance comes a natural reduction of anxiety and stress in your life and your innate experience of joy, abundance and well-being is easily expanded and maintained.   

One of the most memorable experiences of Nature I had as a young girl was walking into the woods on a fresh spring morning, searching for the waterfall I'd discovered with my brothers and sisters the previous winter. As I walked deeper into the forest, I saw arising from the earth, the most exquisite carpet of ferns, delicate purple violets and large, green May apples beneath my feet. The smell was alive and verdant! I stopped for a few minutes to rest on a large, flat rock, and as I looked up through the canopy of trees with their newly emerging leaves, I saw streams of golden sunlight beaming down upon me. Sitting quietly, my heart leapted with such joy! I felt completely connected to the presence and aliveness of Nature, wrapping me in her blanket of vibrancy, yet ever so soft and nurturing. In that moment my being was utterly still, and at the same time I contained deep and complete satisfaction.
I will never forget those precious moments, experiencing the perfection and harmony of Nature. And I am most grateful, for that experience has inspired and guided me over the years to the work I now do and so love.

My goal is to assist you in re-creating a similar connection to your surroundings and the space in which you live with the services I offer. By using the holistic, complementary disciplines of Vastu Shastra, Energy Clearing and Flower Essences, along with the elemental guidance and intelligence of Nature, I co-create living and work spaces for you that are in balance and harmony with Nature. I am dedicated to creating nurturing and life-enhancing space where you live, work and play.

You are invited to explore the site and see how Co-Creative Design can support you in creating your Sanctuary of Home. My wish for you is that you are able to experience the deep, nurturing balance and harmony of Nature in your environment and as a result, your life flourishes!

  "Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance, order, rhythm and harmony."    
                                                                                                                              Thomas Merton